Should I Become A Firefighter?

So you’re undecided whether to pursue a career as a firefighter or not? Seeking information from those who know is definitely a prudent step that will help you make an informed decision.

Firefighters are among the select few professionals of unsung heroes, alongside policemen and military personnel. But firefighters hold a special place in the community because they work closely with people, helping them solve everyday issues. This kind of work brings a satisfying feeling and keeps you motivated each day, even on bad days.

Reasons To Become A Firefighter

Firstly, firefighting is an adrenaline rush kind of profession that is both daring and exciting. There’s no other job where you’ll experience an adrenaline rush like a firefighter.

Firefighting is a teamwork profession, so the sense of camaraderie created is unmatched.

Another reason to become a fire fighter is that it requires minimal education requirements. There’s no need for a college degree and only a high school diploma will suffice.

When it comes to salary, firefighters are doing quite good and they receive a number of benefits that are typically generous.

If you want a job with security, this is the job for you. The great majority of firefighters belong to unions, so they’re not usually laid off easily.

Also, firefighters work flexible schedules and some credible sources have put the number of working days in a month to 10.

How Do You Become a Firefighter?

There’s no particular college degree required to become a firefighter. However, you must have at least a high school diploma and a series of other skills. Being involved in the community and volunteer work will boost your chances too. You must also keep in shape and be generally fit. There are numerous trainings you’ll undertake to prepare you with the necessary fire fighting skills.

Expect to face stiff competition when applying for a job in the fire service. Fire departments perform regular testing but it is still competitive to take the test. You should be ready to persevere in case you don’t get hired the first time. But usually, individuals with a background in community service, volunteering, and a clean record stand a higher chance. For more tips on how to become a firefighter, I recommend this.

What happens when you’re selected?

After you’ve been selected as a fire fighter, you’re taken through recruit school that lasts approximately five weeks. If you successfully complete the firefighting part, you’ll progress to the emergency medical technician (EMT) class, which takes approximately three months. You’ll also do physical training each day for two hours, which mainly entails weight training and running.

When you’re through with the EMT class, you’ll progress to the emergency vehicle operation (EVOC) class that takes about a month.

When you complete training, you’ll be placed in a fire department to complete a year’s probation with supervision from a company officer and a preceptor. Although you’ll be on probation, you’ll be working with the crew. Every quarter, you’ll be subjected to a test.

During your probation year, you will acquire knowledge of the initial due response location. Part of your probation requires that you ensure there’s enough coffee and you’ll need to have knowledge of how to use cleaning tools.

There’s no TV during your first year and be ready to be laughed at as you’ll be the subject of the majority of jokes. Obviously, these are all in jest but when you’re a rookie, you need to be able to contend with jokes every now and them. This isn’t a job for the weak hearted. Your team work skills must be impeccable but also, you should have initiative to work on your own.

Now you know what it’s like to become a firefighter, and what the first year in service entails. Go out and become a firefighter today..


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